When to Use Free SEO and Paid SEM?

SEO and SEM may sound similar, but they are poles apart. SEO is a broader term than SEM which makes people confused. SEO service is all about link building and onpage optimization so that your site achieves higher ranking in organic search. And SEM is all about paying off for PPC traffic. 

When to use free SEO?


  • When your budget is tight


When you short on budget and have loads of time, then you can use free SEO. If you have a low budget, you can still invest in some cheap PPC links but know that a mere 100 or 200 clicks won’t make a difference anyway. So, invest your time in SEO and when your budget rises up, go for PPC.


  • Less competitive keywords or long tail keywords


When you have less competitive keywords, your SEO efforts may have more odds to pay off because you don’t need to invest much of your efforts to achieve good ranking. This is true for long tail keywords because bidding on them get you many clicks. When it comes to long tail keywords, you can rank well with no special SEO efforts. All you have to do is add the long tail keyword twice on the page. 

When to use paid SEM?


  • When you need higher traffic at short period of time


Free SEO takes a lot of time to see the results. If you have time constraints or are impatient or you need traffic for some reasons, paid SEM is a way to go. 


  • For competitive keywords


When your keywords are competitive, it is difficult to work on them organically. If you know how much time SEO will take, then go for PPC because it could be cheaper than organic when it comes to competitive keywords. You can begin with Adwords and $3 to $4 clicks, the costs will be high, but when it comes to competitive keywords can be tried on Adwords alternative in the beginning, then you can achieve better results for a part of money to be invested on Adwords.


  • For better exposure


People believe that top 5 or top 3 position for a specific keyword matters. It means that if you gain 7 to 10th position for instance, then this isn’t good if you want to get into 5th and you will have to invest in a lot of free SEO. For better exposure, opt for paid SEM. Paid listings are always ranked above the organic ones. So, for better exposure, know that people click more on organic rather than the former.

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