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Blizzard’s newest IP is less than a year old but already has a huge fan base. In the shooter, two teams of six each choose a character with which they take on the role of tank (absorbing the blows), defense (building defenses), support (helping the team) or offense (focused on eliminating other players). The teams must then defend or attack an objective, after which a change is made after a time limit. With the overwatch sr boost this is the best deal.

Each hero has completely unique attacks, making countering your opponent an important aspect of the game. Overwatch is particularly popular in South Korea. The APEX tournament has unprecedented popularity there. Blizzard is busy setting up an Overwatch League and is also organizing an Overwatch World Cup, so who knows, we may encourage the Netherlands or Belgium during the tournament. Overwatch is available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The Summer Games

The Overwatch Summer Games are coming, normally they start in August and continue for three weeks. It is similar to other events, but inspired by sports.

Put on your sweatbands


The Overwatch Summer Games were held for the first time in 2016 in honor of the Olympic Games of that year. Since then it has become an annual event where you can play all kinds of sport-related cosmetic upgrades and game modes in Overwatch.

  • Just like previous years, fashion is expected to start the second or third week of August, but Jeff Kaplan hinted at changes this year. In a Update from Activision Blizzard he said that the ‘summer content’ program will be different.

  • It is possible that the event starts earlier, some even say next week. What we do know is that Lúcioball returns during the event and every week a new challenge is introduced that gives players an Epic skin when they complete it.

  • Overwatch and the Call of Duty World League get new leaders, Activision Blizzard has announced. Joanna Faries joins the CWL and Pete Vlastelica joins the OWL.

Competition heads

Much has not yet been announced about the new Call of Duty World League, but it is clear that a new wind must be blowing with Joanna Faries at the helm. She is the first Commissioner of a CoD esports event. Moreover, she was included in the 40 most influential, young people in business and in the 30 most powerful women in the esports list.

Call of duty modern warfare

Vlastelica is responsible for the OWL, he is no stranger when it comes to esports because he has been working as CEO and chairman of Activision Blizzard esports Leagues for three years. Before that, he spent five years with FOX Sports in the United States.

Overwatch and Call of Duty World League new leaders

That means that the largest esports competitions of Activision Blizzard have a manager and we therefore expect more information about the coming seasons.

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