Tips to become a Python Developer

There are many programming languages used in the IT sector. But Python is one of those which is in latest trend. Most of the companies require python developer so mostly people learn python programming language. If you want to land on a job with handsome salary, here are some tips you need to follow.


Work on open-source repository

When you start working on open-source repository, during the interview you can easily show your python work to the interviewer. Recruiter always considers how you show your done work. Add your piece of work and python projects on your open-source repository because every single work counts in the interview.

Write readable code

Although open-source repository corrects what you write but keep an eye on it while writing, anyone can read and understand it. After all, your team members can view your codes and if they not understand your coding then they can complain against you.         

Properly Documentation

When you start working on project, proper documentation can help you in reading codes. Always remember to attach file within your open-source repository. This file contains information regarding the project about used libraries, done work, and more.   

Read other programmer’s coding to improve your skill

When you work with your team on the open-source repository, there are more experienced programmers in your team. So, you have a better chance to learn from other developers and improve your coding skills. 

Read python coding books

Either you are experienced or beginner python developer, you always need to find something new for coding. Experts publish their books that are best to improve your skills.

 Work as a Freelancer

Only writing some coding and working on some projects is not enough if you have just started python programming. You need to do extra work as a freelancer to hone your skills.

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