The finer Options for the Best SEO Processes Now

The SEO (search engine optimization) plugin from Yoast for WordPress is a handy tool for every entrepreneur who wants to get started with his website to be found better. However, SEO is a process that embraces more than a useful tool, it requires a clear plan to achieve concrete results. That is why 7 tips for improving the findability of your website and 7 tips for a higher ranking in Google. A well trained seo company can do these things perfectly.

If you are starting a new website, choose a good domain name too! In addition, the following also applies: reflect before you begin. SEO and famoid social media marketing is a lengthy and intensive process. But, if you do it well, you can also reap the benefits for a long time. Take a good look at what you can achieve, and whether this means is most interesting for you in the marketing mix. Perhaps network drinks are much more effective? Or choose Google Adwords if you want results this week.

Determine Your Keywords

We recently spoke to an entrepreneur who was very proud of the fact that his company was very well liked. We then asked him which keywords he found good. His answer: “on my company name”. That is of course fine, but when people search by your company name, the loot is actually already inside. On the other hand, he was not found well on keyword combinations that are very relevant to potential customers looking for his service. In other words: work on the shop. But where do you start? Always with the determination of the right keywords.

The First Thing for You

Keywords / search terms (multiple words) are words that you suspect your target group is typing into search engines. These can be general words, such as “consultancy” or “cargo bike”, but also combinations of words, such as “consultancy Rotterdam” or “consultancy brand security”. As the competition on general keywords is high, we almost always recommend searching for combinations of keywords. You are often geographically bound, so combine that in your search terms. 

When you are a Google Adwords customer, you can easily use the keyword planning tool to find variations / relevant search terms that may be of interest to you. Google Adwords also indicates how often people search for terms and, not very important, how much competition there is on a word. The latter is often underestimated. You are not the only one who wants to be found well, so the more interesting a search term is, the more competition and therefore the more energy and / or money you have to invest in the optimization of a term.

Last Words

Make a list of the keywords and provide some organization, for example in Microsoft Excel. E.g. Keyword, Ranking (position), Actions (for the optimization of that term). Keyword optimization is an ongoing process and that starts with a good organization of campaigns. In addition, excellent tools are available that you can use to relieve the tricky work (for example, checking the positions in the search engines).

Start with the most important keywords: make a top 10, and start using it first. You can always expand this and then immediately apply the lessons you have learned. That prevents a lot of duplication.

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