The ems stretcher is one of the most important equipment

The stretcher is an apparatus which is basically used to move the patients from one place to another and require immediate medical care. The stretchers may be generally carried by two or more people. This apparatus often has wheels, height frames, skids and also tracks. The stretchers having wheels are called gurney. In the times of emergency the patients may require immediate emergency medical services (EMS). So the ems stretcher is one of the equipments that are used to provide these services.

On the stretchers the patients who are not wounded are supposed to hang their right arm from the particular stretcher. This acts as a signal or sign for the staff of the hospital to identify what is the situation at present of the patient and what must be done immediately to them. The ems stretcher is usually used in ambulances to transport the patient easily inside it. These stretchers are provided wheels so that the transportation on the pavements could be done in a flexible manner.

The stretcher also has straps to safely hold the patient on it and locks inside the ambulance to hold the stretcher in position during transportation. A separate and internal lug is also there in the ambulance in order to save the patient from moving during the entire journey. The present day stretches have hydraulics working on battery which is used to raise the legs and also collapse the legs automatically. If the patient is not raised or lowered on the stretcher then there would be risk of injury in the back of the patient. Some different stretchers could involve bariatric stretchers having a wide frame and the capacity of weight becomes higher to those patients who are heavy weight. Usually the stretchers are covered with a disposable sheet which helps to prevent the spread of any sort of infection.

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