The All-Rounder Among Android POS Systems

As an Android-based POS system, Octobox has existed on the Central European market since 2014 and has always impressed with its quality and security.

Here we have collected some hard facts about the Octobox POS solution:



A POS system must be one thing above all else: a reliable partner Octobox therefore offers:

  • A system designed for continuous use
  • Wireless ordering systems which can also be reached in remote rooms
  • Use of any number of wireless orderers, trouble-free in the same network
  • Secure data storage and recovery
  • Manage via private cloud access
  • The battery of the wireless ordering systems lasts 24 hours
  • Devices protected from dust and splash water
  • Comprehensive warranty against hardware damage and support service


As an entrepreneur, are you open to every request from your customers? Octobox too! Therefore, the POS system adapts flexibly to your requirements. how even pos works?

  • Processing of the tables by several employees
  • Orders can also be placed on the most remote routes through the use of several radio links
  • Rights management for employees and users that can be changed at any time
  • The master data can also be changed and expanded during the runtime
  • Mobile and stationary operation can be combined
  • System modularly expandable, so Octobox grows with your company
  • Several distribution points, such as the kitchen and bar, are possible



A good POS system should take a back seat so that you can concentrate fully on your guests. Octobox supports you with many functions, such as:

  • Time-saving and simple operation thanks to innovative swiping gestures
  • Quick credit (thanks to favorites) and pay quickly
  • Octobox Payment Connector: seamless connections to payment terminals ensure quick check-out
  • Short training period for employees thanks to the familiar use of smartphones
  • Comprehensive and regular reporting
  • Change calculator makes cashing easier

Offline and still legal


If the internet connection in the restaurant fails, most of the POS systems are down. This is not the case with Octobox! Both the main cash register and the wireless ordering systems can still create legally signed receipts:

  • RKSV and TSE signature always guaranteed, both online and offline
  • Wireless ordering systems can also work offline
  • Synchronize movement data to the cloud if necessary
  • Offline operation even over several days is no problem

It is also ideal for companies that struggle with fluctuating or non-existent internet connections, such as ski huts, holiday apartments, large events in remote areas, or for use at trade fairs or outdoor sales areas such as farmers’ markets or Christmas markets.



As Android software, Octobox runs smoothly on all modern Android devices such as cell phones or tablets as well as on professional POS hardware.

  • Android software with maximum compatibility
  • High-quality wireless ordering systems from € 250.00
  • Top price / performance ratio for professional hardware
  • Remote maintenance and problem-free updates
  • Large range of additional products, such as printers, scanners, cash drawers, and much more
  • Kitchen monitor
  • fast delivery times
  • Comprehensive warranty against hardware damage and support service
  • Runs on high-quality consumer hardware as well as on professional POS devices



Tired of hidden costs, unreliable support and outrageous maintenance contracts? Octobox too, which is why you know where you are there. Transparent and fair, that is the motto.

  • “All in” license prices: Maintenance and support are included in the monthly fees
  • Short commitment periods
  • Fair installation fees and transparent hourly rates
  • Free updates
  • Reduced hourly rate for software development on a project basis
  • Remote installation saves time and money
  • Pricing according to effort

The revolution in the till sector – a handheld with built-in card payment!


As one of the first cash register manufacturers in Europe, Octobox, in cooperation with the payment service provider HOBEX, presents a handy cash register device (including printer / scanner) with a fully integrated ATM terminal. This gives the cash register operator flexibility and an increase in the quality of the service for the end customer.

From now on you only need one device instead of three or four separate systems. This saves space and costs, and that HUGE!

Here are the most important points about the device:

  • Card payment is certified according to the latest standard and fully integrated in Octobox
  • Payment processes using NFC, chip cards or magnetic strips are no problem – the pin is entered on the display
  • Available with integrated printer or built-in laser scanner
  • The device can act as a radio ordering machine with ATM function or as a portable ATM terminal
  • Greatly increased efficiency of service employees at the guest

Try Octobox for free!


Nobody buys a pig in a poke. That’s why you can find a current test version of the POS solution in the Google Play Store. Just download and start testing! Various examples such as gastronomy, retail or events are already available. If you like the POS system, you can upgrade to the full version directly and conveniently within the app.

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