The 4 Personality Traits You Need to Become a Hacker

Ethical hacking, the James Bond profession of the IT industry. A job that involves finding the discrepancies on a network, so it’s not left vulnerable to the open world. The primary job of a hacker is to find the faults and security threats in a network so that they can be fixed before any unethical breach might affect it. Hackers are in high demand in today’s world. A world where everything is one the internet and all your data is stored and distributed on it. There is a serious requirement for hackers to find weak points and block them before they can lead to any misuse. 

In recent times, the hacker documentary has helped to popularize the concept. If you are looking to join this bandwagon, here are a few things you should introspect. What makes a good ethical hacker? 

Here are a few to keep note off: 

Being Patient 

Hacking is a slow and time-consuming process. It takes hours, sometimes days to break into systems and find loopholes. These are harder to do since there is a guidebook or user manual. And not finding results could be frustrating. At times like this, it is important to be patient and have a calm mind. 

Unconventional Thinking

There is nothing straight about hacking. It is a twisted professional and it needs a twisted mind. There is also no one correct approach to this, so that makes it more challenging than any other job. Every single hacker documentary has also shown the importance of out-of-the-box thinking to problem-solving. If you are someone who can think on your feet and do not get flustered by a pool of questions, then you will be a great hacker.  

Attention to Detail

If you are a clumsy coder, you might find this task highly daunting. Hacking needs lots of planning and serious attention to detail. Since networks are a complex system to crack, it very important to keep track of each step and make sure nothing is missed or entered incorrectly.

Eger to Learn

More than just the practical aspect of hacking, you also need to always keep yourself updated with new technologies and new market trends. The internet is an ever-growing network and there are always going to be new challenges coming your way. A good ethical hacker must keep in mind that, when it comes to hacking – the learning never stops. 

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