Migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL

In the modern time when most organizations are willing to reduce expenses by using open-source software, PostgreSQL and MySQL become very popular database management systems. The reason of such popularity is wise set of management tools and development frameworks as well as huge communities of users for both DBMS. MySQL provides great integration with web and it is quite easy to learn. PostgreSQL is enriched with more complicated features and capabilities and therefore it better fits for corporate-scale databases than MySQL. Here are the most important features that make PostgreSQL reasonable choice for corporate data warehousing: 

  • full compliance with the ANSI SQL standard
  • asynchronous commit 
  • various options of indexing
  • support for both asynchronous and synchronous replication 

In most cases database migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL is implemented via extract-transform-load (ETL) approach consisting of the following steps:  

  • definitions of tables, indexes and constraints are exported from MySQL database in form of SQL statements 
  • those DDL statements are transformed according to PostgreSQL format and then loaded into the destination database 
  • data is exported from MySQL tables into temporary comma separated values (CSV) files 
  • contents of those CSV files is modified to comply with PostgreSQL format and is imported into the database
  • views, triggers and stored procedures are extracted from MySQL database as SQL CREATE-statements and source code
  • the code is converted according to PostgreSQL dialect and is imported to the target database

The steps specified above can take pretty much human efforts when running manually, also the human factor may cause data loss or corruption during migration. That’s why many database specialists intend to automate MySQL to PostgreSQL migration using the appropriate software. This approach allows to avoid risk of errors caused by the human factor and to run the migration smoothly and safely. 

MySQL to PostgreSQL converter introduced by Intelligent Converters, a software vendor specializing in database migration since 2001, is one of the most popular tools for this purpose. It uses direct reading and writing in order to guaranty best performance of migration procedure. 

MySQL to PostgreSQL converter supports all versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL running on Linux/Unix/Windows including such forks as MariaDB, Percona, Heroku and cloud implementations provided by Google, Amazon, Microsoft. The product provides command line support for scripting and scheduling the database migration. Other capabilities of MySQL to PostgreSQL converter:

  • option to merge and synchronize existing PostgreSQL database with MySQL data

  • option to edit attributes of the resulting table columns during migration
  • option to filter migrated data via ‘Select’ statements

  • option to export MySQL database into SQL script file instead of moving to PostgreSQL server directly
  • option to save conversion settings into profile for next use


Visit the official site for more information about MySQL to PostgreSQL converter: https://www.convert-in.com/mysql-to-postgres.htm 

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