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There are several difficulties in the CS GO matchmaking system that you might not be aware of. For example, the more games you play, the harder it will be to change the rank. How it works?

The longer you play at a certain level, the stronger the system will be confident in the correctness of your current rank. To get stuck on one rank means to convince the system that it was right. With a low amount, significant rank changes are not possible. The system may be reluctant to respond to all subsequent victories. Nevertheless, to raise the rank is quite possible even with such results.

Tip: do not get stuck at a certain rank this will slow down the process of increasing your rank. Defeat players of your own and above your level, then the number of ratings will increase again. The rise will accelerate significantly. For the cheap csgo boost this is important.

How to raise a rank in CS GO: tips.


The game requires you a lot of time, which is recommended to spend on training. In other words, it is an increase in skill. You can implement this on DeathMatch servers or during training sessions with shooting bots.


An important role is played by the knowledge of maps, weapons, several tactics and strategies. By studying standard maps, you can learn more about smoke grenade spells or certain timings – this will help you feel more confident on the battlefield. The same thing applies to weapons – to begin with, figure out what you like: pistols or sniper rifles. Over time, however, you will learn to wield everything that is available.


  • Strongly advised not to play solo: it is likely that there will be crayfish in the team – and you won’t do anything about it. 

Gather a team of friends and acquaintances and use the discord to contact them. In extreme cases, you can add to new strong players and cooperate in one team. Do not forget that CS GO is, first of all, a team game.


The rank may increase from a series of victories and your results in the match. High-quality game and useful actions will increase the efficiency of promotion.

You must understand that not one person on earth will give you the level immediately, you must go to him through training, tantrums and many pleasant and not so aspects of this game.

After the first game in case of victory / defeat you will receive +/- 250 elo points (the number varies between 150-300 points, depending on the initial level) Subsequent calibration games will lower the threshold of points you receive / withdraw by about one and a half times After the 10th calibration game, your elo counter will normalize and in case of victory / defeat you will get +/- 25 elo points (in 95% of games it varies between 20-28 points approximately. It depends on the average level of teams in the confrontation) With rare exceptions, +/- elo points can reach 50, depending on the balance of power of opposing teams.


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