How to Save Loved Ones with TheOneSpy Android Spyware

Do you want to ensure the protection of your loved ones? A mobile app can help you protect your family from the potential dangers. Parents can take support of the app to safeguard their children from the vulnerabilities of the digital world. The app allows tracking the mobile phones of loved ones to keep a secret eye on their activities no matter they are online or offline. A mobile phone installed with tracking app acts as a spy gadget and enables the end-user to remotely witness and record actions made on and around the device. In this article, we have discussed the most powerful parental control and cell phone monitoring app TheOneSpy. Read on to know how the app allows supervising the digital behavior of loved ones to ensure their protection.

TheOneSpy Android Spyware App

Using the high-tech monitoring solution of TheOneSpy, you can keep tabs on any android mobile phone. The app allows remote controlling a mobile phone device with the help of web based control panel. By logging into the online control panel on any internet connected mobile or computer, the end-user of the android spyware app can track the targeted phone. The app allows accessing the phone data and remote controlling microphone, camera and different functions. Read on to know more about the working of the android surveillance app.

How to Save Loved Ones with Android Tracker App

The parental control app offers different ways to save your loved ones by tracking their mobile phones. We have penned down here only the most important features of the surveillance app that help to protect kids from bullying, child predation, age-inappropriate content and several other threats.

Protect Loved Ones from Cyberbullying

The use of mobile phones and computers to frequently tease, harass, degrade, offend or creep up someone is called cyberbullying.The excessive and unsupervised use of mobile phone can increase the likelihoodof your kids exposing to online bullying. They can receive threatening messages, insulting comments on social media posts, harassing emails or annoying phone calls. If these messages, emails, phone calls remain unstopped, they can really disturb your kid mentally, psychologically and physically.

The android spyware app enables parents to protect their kids from online and conventional face-to-face bullying. The app provides access to messages, emails, social media posts and phone calls of your kids. It creates online backup of incoming and outgoing messages; records inward and outward phone calls; syncs call logs and accesses inbound and outbound emails. Moreover, it syncs posts and messages exchanged via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many commonly used social apps.

Parentscan access the entire data from the online control panel of the app.If they find any harassing stuff on their kid’s android phone they can take action to prevent bullying. The messages, calls and emails can be blocked. If the bully continues targeting your kid, you can report the matter to law enforcement authorities.

Safeguard from Online Child Predators and Pedophiles

The predators access kids between the age of 8 and 17 to sexually exploit them and produce explicit photos and videos. They use social media and instant messengers to communicate with the target. Kids who do not inform their parents about predators and pedophiles get exploited and blackmailed by these scoundrels for the rest of their life.

The android parental control app let parents know if any predator or pedophile contacts with their kids. It shows online and offline chats, shared photos and videos, so parents could save their kids from this danger well ahead. It also allows protecting kids from the sex offenders and blackmailers in real life by letting parents to keep an eye on their kids’ surroundings all the time.

Protect from Sexually Explicit Stuff on Internet

The internet is filled with unfiltered sexually explicit content. Your kids can watch age-inappropriate or adult-oriented photos and videos on the internet with or without intention. Parents can protect their kids from such stuff by using parental controls. The cell phone parental control app provides access to the internet browsing history of kids’ mobile phones. This history and bookmarks allow parents to find out the webpages visited by their children. If their kids are exposing to unwanted stuff, they can block their access to the websites containing that material.


The parental control app supports all mobile phones running Android operating system. It includes but not limited to smartphones and tablets manufactured by Sony, HTC, Haier, Huawei, Samsung and LG. It does not support TCL mobile phones. Moreover, the app is compatible with all mobile phone networks. No matter what mobile network your kids use, you can easily monitor their phones with this solution. However, you need to root their smartphone first to get it installed with the third party phone spy app.


The price of the mobile phone surveillance app varies with subscription period and selected package. If you choose the lite version of the app, you can subscribe it in around $15 for one month.The premier version of the app costs around $45 for one-month subscription. The 6-month or 12-month subscription costs lesser than the one-month subscription price.These prices are subject to change.

What are Pluses?

  • This is one of the most advanced but affordable android monitoring solutions.
  • It supports rooted android devices as well as unrooted.
  • It enables parents to limit screen time of their children.
  • It allows tracking most popular social media and instant messaging apps.
  • It allows monitoring and capturing surroundings.

What are Minuses?

  • You need to root the android device to get it installed with spy app.
  • The physical access is compulsory to install the app.
  • There is no trial version.

The Bottom Line

The android spyware app of TheOneSpy provides complete monitoring solution to parents enabling them to ensure protection of their loved ones in the online and offline world.Stay updated about what your kids do, so you could be available for their help whenever they need it.

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