How to Optimize Landing Page for effective PPC Campaigns.


Putting lots of money in Google Adwords and still not getting results!! Well, its time to focus on landing page quality and call to action. Yes, A landing page is designed in such a way to generate more leads with a quick call to action.

To make your PPC Campaigns more effective & result oriented, consider the 7 tricks given below:-

  • Ad group-specific Landing pages: If you want to measure the Ad performance, always design a separate landing page for separate ad groups. It will help you to judge which ad is performing well and giving more conversions.  It will also help to gather more specific data.
  • keywords Specific ads: We must guide the users, not to mislead them. Try to make keywords specific ads. Make sure you are giving the right message to the users. In case, your PPC ad delivers a different message, visitors may move back and may leave the page instantly. To make it relevant and consistent, try to give the same headline as given in the Landing page through tagline, graphics or images. It will retain the user on the landing page and will enhance the credibility as well.
  • Mention Call Outs: Campaigns has facilitated us to mention the Call out or USPs through extensions. To make your ads more clickable, always mention the trusted call-outs which a user is specifically looking for. Unique selling proposition may lead to winning the game. Make sure to mention the same USP on the landing page also. User should get all the information which he is looking for.
  • Focus on CTA (Call to Actions): Call to actions does n’t mean merely putting the “Submit” button below the query form. Our complete landing page must move around the call to actions factors like images, contents, color combination, font styling, etc. To attract mobile users, Direct Call & WhatsApp buttons are integrated.
  • Be Genuine:  If you want to build trust online in the eye of users, you must be true to your services and products. Do not boost around, always mention the true information about the products or services that you are rendering. To prove them, social accounts can be linked with the landing pages. It might not be. good practice to put all the social icons as it may affect the page speed, yet it will work as a trust builder.
  • Make the landing Page SEO friendly: No doubts, landing page must be visually attractive, but an optimized page will surely increase the organic reaches. To make it SEO friendly, make sure to use titles, description, headlines, tags,  URL structure, and less page speed. If it ranks with more searchable keywords, it will surely help to reduce the PPC budget.
  • Regular testing: To avoid web bugs, it is always mandatory to make regular testing in terms of optimization, CTA, ROI measurements, Page loading speed, and other various aspects. Regular testing will help to avoid the bounce rate as well.

So stop investing your time and money on the wrong path, choose the landing page & PPC campaigns strategy wisely and develop a well-planned strategy. To learn the PPC tactics, Professional PPC Training Centre can be joined which makes you eligible to run any type of paid campaigns.

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