How to access all of the internet

Most people don’t realise that the internet actually isn’t as inclusive as you might think. Depending on where you live, you will only be able to access certain parts of the internet. Okay, for most of us we won’t even notice the difference – but the more you use the internet, the more you’ll notice these restricted areas.

Restricted Areas

Even though the internet is a public network, it doesn’t mean the ISPs, the government, and even your work can’t limit what parts of the internet you can access. You may have noticed the most basic level of this if you’ve ever worked at a company or attended a school that blocked access to social media and other ‘distracting’ sites.

Most of us living in the western world won’t notice too many restricted sites, especially if we are searching from the comfort of our own home internet. But, unfortunately, there are still examples of this, mainly foreign streaming sites. For example, if you try to access a foreign Netflix catalogo, you won’t be able to. You will just keep being redirected back to your local library. This is just one of the ways in which your access to the internet can be restricted based on where you are.

  • Censored Content is when a government restricts access to certain parts of the internet. This is far more evasive than the other examples on this list because the government sometimes goes as far as making it a criminal offence to try and access these parts of the internet. China is the most well-known example of this and whenever you travel to this beautiful country you will find yourself unable to connect to anything related to Western News – including social media.
  • Foreign Streaming Platforms are restricted by the websites themselves. To prevent users from accessing content that isn’t licensed in their own countries, streaming websites block access from foreign users. Some websites might halt your access altogether, while websites like Netflix will just redirect you to your local library.
  • Local TV abroad is another problem. As soon as you leave Italy, your favourite local online TV probably won’t work. For the same reason as we just mentioned, if you’re not in Italy then the Italian streaming platforms won’t allow you to access their content.

How to Access these Restricted Areas

To access these restricted areas you need to find a way to change your location. You can either do so using a proxy or a VPN. A VPN is the more reliable method and one that is become increasingly popular. More people are starting to use VPNs for security and to access all of the restricted areas of the internet.

A VPN allows you to connect to one of many different servers all around the world. Just choose which country you want to connect to and your online identity will change along with it. You can use this to get into any restricted area. Simply change your location to the necessary country and watch how you gain access to censored content, any catalogo Netflix, and all your favourite local TV when you travel abroad.

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