How Protective Is Your Type Of Cell Phone Case

If you have a cell phone, you most likely have a case on it, and some people have multiple that they switch around based on their environment and or outfit. At one point cases were just made to be decorative, because at one point the only thing that could have broken a cell phone was direct impact from an asteroid from space… Those Nokia brick phones would survive a nuclear war along with cockroaches. Anyway, these days, things are a bit different…

Today’s phones are not only incredibly expensive, most of the top level phones breaking the $1,000 mark easily, they are also fairly complex pieces of technology that really aren’t meant to take much of a beating. Everyone has a case on their phone, and most of the time people don’t actually consider which case is the most protective. So let’s take a look at the most common cell phone case types and discuss how well they would do against an asteroid.

Otterbox/Lifeproof – If you have this kind of case, than you already know what you are doing, and you don’t really need my advice. Although, I would say that your phone probably looks pretty ugly and unwieldy, but that’s just my opinion… and I’ve broken my screen at least 3 times, so the joke’s on me.

Huge Rubber Animal Case – There are two kinds of people, the people who have huge rubber phone cases in the shape of an elephant of crocodile with enormous ears, noses, and nails hanging off of it, and there’s people who hate those people. What the haters don’t realize is how protective those cases are. Nothing is going to penetrate that thick rubber, and you’re phone might even bounce back to your hand without missing a stroke in your text message.

Designer/Artistic Case – This is a bit more of a nebulous category, but generally speaking, if you are sporting a case that was made by a more specific brand that specializes in a very specific kind of cell phone case, like these folks, you are probably getting something pretty protective. These companies generally charge more for their cases, and in order to do that they have to have a pretty well built case for people to actually want to shell out the money.

Leather Case – Leather is a surprisingly durable material. Although your phone probably won’t have much shock protection, it will hold up pretty nicely to general wear and tear and scratches. Motorcyclists wear leather jackets for a reason, because at times of high friction, leather holds up fairly well. If you spend enough money, the leather will actually look better as it wears. It will wear with character.

Thin Color Sleeves – These cases are probably the least protective full case that you can buy. They are mainly for grip and color customization, but as far as offering any actual protection for your phone, you can forget about it. Some of these cases don’t even offer a lip to keep your screen from touching table surfaces when you set your phone screen side down.

Bumpers – This one is pretty self-explanatory. You better hope your phone falls perfectly perpendicular to the ground and stays that way throughout the whole fall… or else it’s like not having protection at all.

Despite all of these categories and analysis, the best thing you can do to protect your expensive smartphone is to wrap it in one of those original Nokia brick phones… then it will withstand anything, although I have to be honest… you might lose some touchscreen sensitivity and visibility.

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