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Want to become a social reformer?

Each one of us has once in our lives dreamt of working for our society. The gentleman in us has atleast once in a while desired of providing services to the needy or becoming a social reformer so that what we have faced is not faced by others. But we are unaware of a proper channel through which we can reform our society and so we drop the Idea. We leave our dreams midway just because of lack of a proper platform through which we can work for our own society and volunteer for a better world. Now with Iamhere app, you can find your salvation.

Get the experiences of volunteering.

You can broadcast yourself as a volunteer with the Iamhere app so that those NGOs, who are looking for someone to become a volunteer for them, can have you certified. These NGOs works on different levels and for different purposes; some are operational locally, some on national level and some are based internationally. But all these NGOs have their functional offices on different levels. These NGOs seek for people who are eager to work for the betterment of the society and interested in getting involved in the social works. They usually look for people who want to work on local levels as working on minute levels is not possible without someone with a proper knowledge and experience of their own locality. Iamhere app acts as a passage between these NGOs and you. When you advertise yourself as a seeker for volunteering, they contact you through our app and guide you through the process. The NGOs working on different levels, gives you different types of tasks that you ought to perform. 

Start your own community.

With the help of Iamhere app, you can find more people like you and start your own community. All you need to do is to search targeted people who have same interests as yours and make a small community of your own. You would be able to find such people in your own neighborhood and in your own locality with the help of Iamhere app. On a later date, you can even donate as a volunteer to some NGOs or an organizer of the workshops under these NGOs. The fact is that the Iamhere app doesn’t only work for job seekers but also for those who are willing to work for a change in the society. You can form your own social groups of the people from your own locality or get yourself founded by such social groups or community who works for the betterment of your neighborhood. Donating oneself as a volunteer or social worker gives you a chance to work for those who are considered inferior, not only on a wider scale but also within your own neighborhood. It is said that “Charity begins at home” so starting a reform from your own home and around is a better option, with Iamhere app by your side.

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