Common Uses and Applications of Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

For every industrial setting, safety is an important quality. If there are heavy vehicles, foot traffic, or hazardous materials, the company must make ensure safety to both civilians and employees.

Most types of heavy duty cable protectors are made from aluminium, plastic, and rubber. These materials break easily and cannot handle heavy loads or heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic; also, they are small and designed to hold one to two cables and only one industrial hose. On construction worksites, factory floors, fire departments, these materials, and measurements simply don’t fit in. Only certain heavy duty cable protection is perfect for large sites and equipment.

Construction Sites

Many construction sites usually have numerous power cables or hydraulic hoses connecting tools. Always make sure you adhere to standard safety requirements to ensure the safety of your workers from any potential hazard.

Event Production

Cable protectors are mostly used to cover and protect power cable runs in medium to large size festival, fair or concert.


Many military facilities around the world use Heavy Duty Cable Protectors. They are used to protect cables that connect exterior Datacom or Telecom Installations or cables in maintenance facilities.

Film Production

Several audios, video, and power cables are lining the ground or floor of behind the scenes of many movie sets. To prevent tripping incidence of celebrities and potentially hurt themselves in the process, production companies use these heavy duty cable protectors to protect hanging cables.

Facility Safety

 Warehouses and manufacturing facilities also commonly use heavy duty cable protectors to check the potential danger equipment and machinery present. Here again, cable protectors ensure that tripping hazards don’t occur.

Heavy duty cable protectors tolerate heavy trucks or constant traffic and are ideal for pedestrian and vehicle traffic in business settings.

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