Better Branding with the Netbase Social Media Audit

A social media audit involves ascertaining and understanding specific metrics about data and its influence over time. The goal is to improve the available actions for a brand’s strategy. This type of business intelligence helps determine if your brand can make due with a course correction or if an entirely new strategy needs to be employed. The sections below will discuss several analytical tools that your company can use today to improve the standing of a brand.

Measuring Consumer Sentiment

The social media audit can have a great impact on a business. A best initial use case is often measuring for consumer sentiment. This lays the foundation for more complex analytical applications. How consumers feel about, and view your brand will greatly determine their buying behavior.

Competitive Analysis

While consumer sentiment does change, it differs from other, more operational metrics. This is because opinions inherently maintain biases and tend to remain static. A competitive analysis is an example of a highly variable metric. Other brands will be actively looking for a way to stand out in the marketplace. Companies need to be much more proactive in reassessing competitive analyses.

Tracking Short- and Long-term Goals

Tracking short- and long-term goals is another area that requires the constant attention of brand resources. Just like a pilot will continually make course adjustments for wind and other weather phenomenon, brands need to perform ongoing reassessment of strategy. For short-term goals, this is less of an issue. However, if a company finds that its market environment undergoes more shifts in trends than most others, it might be a good idea to employ brevity to time frames. This enables short-term strategizing to be more responsive overall.

Managing Brand Health

The social media audit can do wonders for managing a brand’s health. It can consolidate a near perfect set of tools that provide you with the most accurate assessment of your standing in the marketplace. This is crucial for long-term success and valuing current resources.

Channel Assessment and Content Insights

There are times when channel assessment and content insights will be crucial. How consumers and influencers interact with your brand in social media can quickly shift. Consumer sentiment may be stable at the moment. However, interactions can be measured to determine how consumers might feel about a brand if no action is taken. This is essentially a time to heed early warnings or consider new opportunities.

Remaining on Top of Crisis Management

Remaining on top of crisis management is similar to assessing channels. It differs from brand health in that it is targeted at specific causes. Also, the actions taken to improve brand health will be much less drastic than when responding to a crisis.

About NetBase

NetBase provides custom social media analytics solutions to help your brand remain ahead of the curve. It succeeds where other service providers fail by offering an out-of-the-box solution and then backing it up with the highest standards in customer service. The social media audit is one of its most effective tools.

There are many reasons to conduct a social media audit. The list provided below are of some of the more crucial for remaining successful:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Success
  • Influencer Impact
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve
  • Channels
  • Competitors
  • Big Picture Check-in
  • Seasonal Trends
  • Customer Care

For more information about the benefits of the social media audit and about NetBase services, follow the link here.

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