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“Get away from the screen”, “It’s a waste of time”, “They are destroying your brain”. If you have used video games regularly, especially in the 90s, you will surely have heard your mother say these phrases as she desperately leaves the room, adding a “But why do I have a son like that?”. Yet today it seems that your passion for video games was right: some studies have in fact revealed that not only do they not damage, but they can even help develop certain skills and stay healthy. Here are 5 reasons why video games can help you stay healthy and improve your development.

They develop the brain

Playing more video games make you smarter. Some videogame activities, in fact, increase the cognitive flexibility of the mind, allowing you to learn more efficiently. Action video games, however, increase the ability to analyze and identify the details of video players, allowing them to develop better space skills. Video games stimulate a more efficient neural process, improving performance in pattern recognition. In case of dota 2 mmr boosting  this is very important now.

They improve overall health

Do video games make us sick? Absolutely not, indeed. The new movement-based gaming systems – such as the Nintendo Wii or the Kinect of the Xbox push us to move also in front of the home screen. The need to make real movements in order to play, for example to move a tennis racket or throw a bowling ball, have convinced video and non-video gamers, prompting them to perform physical activity while having fun. Some research has revealed that these activities have benefits similar to those of physical exercises.

They improve eyesight

Did you think that spending so many hours in front of the screen would make you blind? Your mother thought so too. Yet a study conducted by the University of Rochester found that gamers who are passionate about action titles tend to have a better view than those who play other game genres. If it is true that we tend to blink less in front of the TV, so is the fact that the eyes exercise more with the fast movements that characterize action games.

They bring social benefits

Video gamers are often portrayed as lonely users, locked in a dark room with headphones and a hood. In reality, video games help develop self-confidence, drive teamwork and collaboration through multiplayer video games. Video games can also cure anxiety and depression.

They help learning

Video games are increasingly used in education, both with children and adults. Minecraft, for example, will be used in schools thanks to a special “educational” edition. The goal is to learn elements such as architecture or history through an easily understandable tool that does not weigh on young people. This is also thanks to the complexity of modern games, much deeper and more ambitious than the titles of the 80s.

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