Avery labels for a plethora of purposes

Avery brand of labels encompass all kinds of categories to suit various purposes. The various kinds of labels can be used for labeling products, addressing envelopes, printing barcodes, art and crafts, etc. Whether you need labels for an office, business or home use, the avery labels are suitable for all usages. From white to coloured, all kinds of labels are available under the brand name Avery.

Templates offered

There are many templates for avery labels which have been specially designed for various purposes. The templates for labels include product and brand templates, name badge templates, birthday and party templates, wedding templates, safety sign templates, holiday templates and many more. Blank templates are also available in addition to the above mentioned templates. Blank templates are in-built in Microsoft Word and can be downloaded from Word. You need to enter the software code of the label and click on download. The templates for avery labels can also be downloaded from the Avery website.

Printing the labels

The avery labels can be printed using the design and print software developed by Avery. The software also works for Microsoft Word templates. This is a free online software that allows you create your own designs for the labels and edit the existing templates. Follow the below mentioned steps to make and print your own set of labels.

  • Visit averyproducts.com.au/print and and click on “Start Design and Print” button
  • To find the templates, type the software code for the labels in the quick search box. Alternatively, you can click on Choose Product and search the column of the products which appear on the screen. The labels are categorised according to size, description, colour and layout. Select the type of label you want. Click on the Select this Product Button to select a particular kind pf label.
  • Choose Design tab opens. This page contains all the blank as well as pre-designed templates for the kind of label you have selected. You can also customise your search by picking up a category for template design from the left hand part of the screen. As soon as you click on the template you want, a green Select this Design button appears. Click on it.
  • You now move on to the Customise tab. In this window, you can customise the template as per your requirements. Under the navigator tool, there are two options; Edit All and Edit One. If you select Edit All, the changes you make in the design will reflect in all the labels. If you select Edit One, then the changes in design will reflect in some individual labels. There are some tools on the left hand side of the screen which can be used to make changes to the template design. Using the tools, you can add images, text, objects, create barcode, import data and mail merge and generate sequential numbers.
  • The design can be saved by clicking on the save button present on the top of the screen. You can either save it in your Avery Account to access it from any computer or other gadget anywhere or select Save to My Computer option to save it in your computer.
  • To print the labels, click on Preview and Button tab on top of the screen. Thereafter, click on the green print button on the right hand side of the screen.





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