Activities For Professional Development

Aside from offering resources like professional development MOOCs online for your employees, what are some things you can do at work that will help your workforce grow and become stronger together? As the employer, it is your duty to increase satisfaction by offering opportunities. That is why we have come up with some ideas for activities for professional development.

Let’s get started.

Accountability Activities

Do you want to see if an employee is ready for greater responsibilities? Try to expand the content of their job by including a wider range of tasks beyond their current work; give them opportunities to be creative and take risks; provide chances to take on greater responsibilities or authority over another group. You may, for example, set them as the leader of an experimental group. You should also consider giving tasks with different challenges and levels of importance, since this teaches time management. During this, monitor and review the progress of the staff member.

Attendance and Involvement Activities

To get employees more involved with their department or another department or division, you may bring them along to a meeting where their knowledge is needed or where they would gain exposure to something they may be interested in. For example, a member of sales for a solar panel company might be introduced to a group of engineers to better understand the product that they are promoting. After this exposure, review what happened with the employee and see what interested them or confused them.

Feedback Counseling and Coaching

As the leader, the employer or the management should always been checking in with their employees and answering questions when possible. Sometimes, employees can be motivated to develop their skills if they know what they lack or what could use some improvement. Management should discuss ways for these weaker areas to be strengthened or ways to fill in gaps in ones knowledge. Any actual and immediate problems should always been worked through with problem solving strategies that the employee can use again and again.


Leading and Training Conferences

Staff members should be given a chance to increase their public speaking skills. To do this, schedule a meeting where the employee will serve as the trainer or leader. Teaching others what one knows or specializes in is an excellent way to not only strengthen public speaking skills but to also grant the audiences new information. This allows employees to see other departments or divisions in a new light, and they might even be interested in the content, helping them come in contact with new opportunities.

Special Assignments

Staff members who are hoping for a management position or want to acquire new skills can be given special assignments. Some may do well in an understudy position, where they can assume the responsibilities of a superior to see what it is like and shadow their mentor. This gives clear insight into day-to-day functions of a job. Similarly, you can assign certain responsibilities to an employee while their superior is on vacation or away.

Development Workshops

In-house training programs and seminars are popular for many reasons. This allows for a group of professionals to come in and work with all employees at one time. This can help develop interpersonal skills, soft skills, or review skills that have been unused. Workshops should be voluntary, not compulsory.

Hopefully, you now have some ideas for how to offer professional development opportunities within the workplace. By giving your employees a chance to grow while they work, you can increase motivation and productivity. Never stop giving employees room to blossom—because they will stay with you for many years that way.


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