A Brief Introduction to the Unpacking of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

HUAWEI is a technology enterprise with excellent research and development strength. It has released–Kirin A1, a self-developed Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth dual-mode 5.1 chip. It aims at the field of smart wear.

HUAWEI is different from most branded TWS brands. It is one of the few producers that have mastered core technologies. The Sports Bluetooth Earphones evaluated this time is HONOR FlyPods 3. It uses the BES2300 Bluetooth chip of the same model as HUAWEI Freebuds2.

In addition to the earplugs on the earphones, the product comes with three sets of earplugs of different sizes. We can select according to the actual situation. The charging line is a Type C line with good quality.

Let’s look at the charging box first. The charging box of the earphone is pure white. It looks beautiful.

The charging box is a bright surface. It is easy to wear and tear. If you want to use it sparingly, you can cover it with a protective cover.

There is a charging indicator lamp on the front side of the charging box. A function key and Type C charging port are distributed on the back.

Open the charging box and you can see two earphones. There is a small dot in the center of the charging box. This is the status indicator of the earphones.

The overall shape of the earphone is not much different from other TWS earphones. It is with HONOR’s LOGO printed on the bottom.

The whole body of the earphone is almost pure white. It feels good in workmanship and texture when held in your hand.

FlyPods 3 is a three-microphone call noise reduction. Where are these three microphones? The most obvious is the microphone with a silver shell inlaid at the bottom. This is the phone radio microphone of the earphone.

There is a small black round hole on the external side of the earphone. It is the microphone used by the earphone to collect ambient sound.

The touch control area of the earphone locates here.

We can see two silver metal contacts seen on the inner side of the earphone. They are the charging contacts of the earphone. They correspond to the protruding charging interface on the charging box.

The black circle in the middle is an infrared distance sensor. We can use it to detect the wearing status of headphones.

When using it for the first time, open the charging box and press the function key for two seconds. This is to start the machine.

Make sure the earphone is in the charging box. Keep the charging box open. Press the function key for two seconds until the indicator light in the box flashes. This is to enter the Bluetooth pairing mode.

After the connection is successful, you can see the remaining power of the two headphones. You can see the charging box on the pop-up interface of the mobile phone.

Every time you use the earphone, open the charging box. Take out the earphone from the charging box. There will be a corresponding pop-up window prompt on the mobile phone. It will display the secondary remaining power.

Bluetooth connection speed is fast. By the time the headset is taken out and stuffed into the ear, the Bluetooth connection will have been completed long ago. It is smooth to use without any waiting.

Friends who have experienced this product are welcome to discuss it together.

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